Deep Purple bootlegs by title, 1968-present

This section contains a list of all known Deep Purple bootleg titles, vinyl, CD and commercially/mass distirbuted CDR available. Please let me have any additions, amendments etc.

2nd Night Of Riz
A Band On Tour
A Light From Deep Darkness
A New King Is Born
A Night Of The Machine
A Prelude To The Breakdown
A Purple Patch
A Strange kind Of Woman
A Whiter Shade Of Purple
After Machine Head
Alive Tribute To A Wally
Antiques Roadshow
Anyone's Daughter
April Fools
Autumn Of 1971
Atlantic Crossing
Back In Action
Battle Cries
Bedlam In A Bedsit
Berlin 1971
Berlin 5.29.70
Birmingham 2.12.71
Black Night
Black Night In Denmark
Black Night Over Europe
Black Night
Blackless Morsemania
Bronx 1972
Bruxelles 3.20.73
Burnin' Passion
Burning Night
Burning Purple
Burnt Purple
California Earthquake
Call Of The Wild
Chicago 7.20.71
Chicago '85
Cold Spring Essen
Coloured Purple
Complete Strangers
Copenhagen 3.20.75
Crash Landing
Crazy Knight
Danish Yodel Beware
Danish Yodel
Darker Than Blue
Dead Or Alive
Deep In Detroit
Deep Purple In Rock
Deep Purple Live
Deepest 1973
Demon's Eye
Destroyed The Arena
Doebidoe TV show: See Miss Molly At University
Early Star
Emptiness, Eagles & Snow
Explosion Of Silence
Feel Like Screaming
Finnish In Finland
Fire In The Sky
Fireball Into The Arena
Fireball Over Madrid
Fireball Over Switzerland
Fireballs Over Chicago
First Day In The Capital
Five Aviators
Flying In A Purple Dream
Fourth Night
Furious Fingers
Georgia On My Mind
Get It While It Tastes
Gillan/Glover's Last
Glutton For Punishment
Got A Black Breast Chile Eye
Goteborg 2.72
Great In The Woods
Guitar Slaughterhouse
Gypsy In Melbourne
Gypsy In Sweden
H Bomb
Hamburg 73
Hammersmith 74
Hard Road
Here Comes The Bride
High And Mighty
High Ball Shooter
Highway Star
Highway Stars
Hollywood Hush
Hollywood Strangers
Hungary Days
Ian's Birthday Party
In Concert (Munich 1970, not BBC!)
In Deep Grief
In Deep
In Flame
In Perfect Harmony
In Rock
In The Fire
In Your Trousers
Inglewood 10.18.68
Into The Fire
Into The Hollywood Fire
Is That You?
Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children
Killing Machine
Kings Of Speed
Knight Carnival
Knockin' In Nice
Koln 4.4.70
L.A. Of Purple Light
Last Live 1973
Last Night As German Masters
Let's Go Space Truckin
Live At Kilburn
Live At Knebworth
Live At The Rainbow '73
Live From Seventh Heaven
Live From The Seventh Heaven
Live In Italy 71
Live In Italy
Live In Japan (pirate)
Live In Japan 1993
Live In London (1972)
Live In London (1974)
Live In Offenbach (CD & Vinyl versions)
Live In Osaka 72 (12")
Live In Seoul
Live In Stockholm
Live In Sweden
Live In Sweden
Live In Tel Aviv
Live In The USA
Locked In A Paper Cage
Long Beach 4.15.73
Long Beach Arena 1971
Louder, Harder, Hammersmith
Louder Than Lennon
Mad Enough
Made In Belgium
Made In Finland Vol.2
Made In Germany
Made In Munich 87
Made In Sheffield
Made In Turkey
Mark III
Mary Long
Mary Lose Gear In Fire
Miss Molly At University
MK II Final Trucking
Moray The Engineer
More Smoke On The Water
More Tastes
MSG 1974
Munchen 12.70
Munchen 9.20.74
Munich 6.10.70
Murky Waters
Naked Thunder Rage
No Encore Tonight
No No No
Nuremberg 1973
Offenbach 70
Offenbach '71
Oldenburg '71
On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat
Order From Chaos
Paradiso Amsterdam 1969
Paris '87
Parlez-Vous Purple
Perfect Purple
Perfect Strangers Knight
Perks And Tit
Pictures Of Home
Pre Snake
Prisoners Of Rock
Purpen Olympia
Purpendicular Tour 1997
Purple Blitz 73
Purple For A Day
Purple Harbour
Purple Reign
Purple Rose Of Hanau
Purple Storm
Purple Sunrise
Purple Sunshine
Rare Traxx
Rat Bat Purple
Rat Bat Riff In Philadelphia
Reality From Dreams
Really Hate The Another Life
Return Of The Knebworth Fayre
Reunion In Cow Palace
Revisit In Far East
Ritchie Last Gig
Ritchie's Blues
Ritchie's Dream
Rockstars In Concert
Rosas Cantina
Royal Albert Hall 1999
Saarbrucken Germany
San Bernadino 2.28.76
Second Day In The Capital
Seventh Heaven
Shuusen Kinebi
Silver Star
Slaves And Kings
Slaves And Masters Tour
Slaves And Masters Tour Vol.2
Smoke On The N.Y. City
Smoke On The Water (2CD)
Smokin' New York
Some Kind Of Purple
Someone Came
Sonic Zoom
Spirit Of Freedom
Stand By Me
Star Storm
Strange Kind Of Purple Day 1
Strange Kind Of Purple Day 2
Stuttgart 2.16/17.72
Sunbury 1.25.75
Surprised Perfectly
Surprising Concert
Sydney And George
Taste It Down Under
The Band Is Here
The Battle
The Boot Of Taliesyn
The Colour Purple
The Day After The Battle
The End, Good-Bye
The King Of Rock 'N Roll
The Legend Is Back
The Legend Lives On
The Perfect Live Album
The Perfect Stranger
The Purpledictuneries
The Saturation Point
The Story Of A Loser
The Voices Of Deep Purple
Third Night
This Time Around
Tokyo '75
Toronto 7.2.71
Turin The House Blue
Turn Around
Turn On The Blue Light
Ultimate Danish Yodel
Unreleased & Live
Walverhampton 2.20.72
Warm Up In Australia
We Found The Guitar
Welcome Joe
When A Blind Man Cries
When Harry Met Sally
White Nights
Whiter Shade Of Purple
Wicked Ways
With Purple From Russia
Woman From Osaka 4CD
Wonderful Copenhagen
Worth The Wait
You Need One
Zurich 3.5.70